₦ 350,000.84
ME fosera Pay As You Go System
Solar Products


  • Power Input: 12V
  • Energy consumption: 5.5 W
  • Input: RF IN,PC-RGB, PC-Audio, AV IN
  • Output: Speakers: 2*3.5 W, Headphones
  • Accesory: Remote Control


fosera proudly presents its award-winning 12V DC TV. fosera's TV consumes only 5.5 W and offers a number of inputs for modern entertainment.

With highest energy-efficiency it is designed to work with our POWER LINE LSHS ready for TV kits and all other 12V solar systems.

Due to HDMI 1.3, USB 2.0, SCART and AV interfaces, the fosera TV provides connectors to all established storage technologies for home entertainment.