Matan Arewa Sosai Initiative (MASI) Project

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The vision of the project is to have SUCESSFUL women energy entrepreneurs in every community in the North. OUR MISSION

Strengthening the capacity of women in northern Nigeria on the production, sales, service and installation of RE products; empowering them to contribute their quota to support their families with the expected income increase and ensure progress towards the internationally agreed development goals.


There is the adage that says "when you train a woman, you train a nation", this is explained by cases which show that women, instinctively, opt to invest their earnings in the growth and development of their children. For example, a woman understands the value of a good education especially of the girl child, having learnt from her own experiences. She ensures her children eat well and can study at any time of the day; this makes her appreciate on a different level the importance of energy access. For this reason, women should be empowered and engaged to spearhead the much needed transformation of the energy sector, in Nigeria and globally.

The Matan Arewa Sosai Initiative will tap into the place of women as the backbone of rural economies in Africa and the care-takers of their families and households.

It will work to increase the capacity and drive of women to take on new and challenging roles especially in the energy sector and at higher levels, coupled with the zeal to perform satisfactorily.

The project has started in selected 10 wards of Kaduna State, it is gradually spreading into the other wards of the state and upon success in Kaduna state; it will be spread to other northern states of the country.


Interested women will fill an application form that must be endorsed by their community head.

Upon approval by Sosai, the women will be asked to make their choice of engagement; its either they want their businesses powered or they want to become clean energy entrepreneurs.

The entrepreneurs will be introduced to the range of products available and given a startup capital of N20,000.

The 20000naira will be in products of their choice. This capital will be revolved and grown in the business.

The women will become the distributors of the energy products in their various communities. They will be in direct contact with sosai for the supply of goods and business support.

For those with new or existing businesses, clean energy technologies will be given and their energy needs will be powered by renewable energy of which they will pay to own.

These women will be trained on how to build fixed energy efficient stoves in their communities.

They will be educated on the different type of portable energy efficient stoves available.

They will be educated on the available range of solar products, how to install them and also how to do some repairs.

They will be educated on how to distribute water filters using MLM system.

They will be educated on the use, importance and maintenance of all the products.

They will be educated on the cookstove sales model.

They will be trained on business management.


Increased volume of RE products disseminated in rural northern Nigeria.

Increased number of Female entrepreneurs of clean energy in Nigeria.

Increased number businesses being powered by RE in northern Nigeria.

If you like the MASI project concept, join us in this journey of moving energy to another level in Nigeria.

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