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Enjoy a 3-in-1 package of entertainment, music, and light that you can take anywhere. The Sun King Boom lets you enjoy music while you work or travel, with a lantern that’s just as capable of lighting your workspace as it is on that dark road on your way home. Take advantage of the Boom’s versatility and join more than two million customers around the world.
  1. up to 36 hrs of light on a single charge
  2. 16 x brighter than a kerosene lamp
  3. Fm Radio, Mp3 Player
  4. USB for mobile charging

Family Sunshine Lamp

The Family SUNSHINE light is your durable light for the family and outside. Its splendid light, evaluated at 300 lumens – is 30X more brilliant than a run-of-the-mill lamp oil light. Remain associated with loved ones any place you go, as the Family SUNSHINE likewise charges mobiles by means of the USB port. This item meets the Lighting Global quality norms.  

Fosera Home system

The fosera. IGNITE can meet all needs of an Off-Grid household, ranging from light to TV, fan to food cooling. With a significantly longer battery lifetime than Lithium NMC, the fosera. IGNITE has protection features such as short circuit, over-current or electrostatic discharge, allowing a maintenance free operation and 3-year warranty.
  1. The Fosera PayG solar system is a set that comes with 4 lamps 1TV, 1 Fan and 12 torch light.
  2. Each lamp is with switch for convenience and is sufficient to light up a room.
  3. The TV has USB and HDMI ports.
  4. The system can charge two phones at a time and can also power a 12 decoder.

PhoneMate – The Super Power Bank

The Solar Run PhoneMate (SR33) solar home system is the ideal power grid for your home or business, bundled with lights and useful accessories. This modern, efficient energy solution includes a solar panel, mobile-charging battery pack, two light points. Upgrade to a modern lifestyle with the Solar Run PhoneMate (SR33).

Pico Plus Solar Lamp

The Pico Plus strikes the perfect balance between performance and affordability. Today, nearly one million people appreciate its portability as well: take it anywhere with ease for work, study, or travel. Combined with a powerful battery and a durable frame, the Pico Plus is designed to meet your essential lighting needs.
  1. Up to 72 hrs of Light On a Single Charge
  2. 5x Brighter Than Kerosene Lamp
  3. In-built Solar Panel
  4. Dual Charging Option

Solarun yellow Box (K088T1) 3bulbs

  1. 10W/9V, Poly Crystalline, 5M cable.
  2. CONTROL BOX – 6.4V/6Ah LiFePO4 Battery.
  3. LED LIGHT – 3 LED lights, a total of 300 lumens
  4. BULB CABLE – 5M with ON/OFF Switch USB – 5V 1A
  5. OUTPUT PORTS LIFE SPAN – 2000 times deep charging cycle.

Sunking Home 400

The Sun King Pro 400 is an affordable and ultra-bright solar lantern that provides light for up to 100 hours with its durable, long-lasting battery. It’s an effective solution for your lighting and charging needs, whether you’re studying, cooking, or working at night.
  1. up to 100 hrs of light on a single charge
  2. 40x brighter than a kerosene lamp
  3. 5.5w solar panel
  4. USB for mobile charging